Ramakrishna II


This is “Ramakrishna” portrait, as this is my second portrait of him. The stunning light on the brown hair reflects the gold color. Expression is still and tranquil.


Medium-Oil on canvas board

Size-8X8 Inches

Title-Ramakrishna II




Hmm …was waiting for somebody who can be model …for my theme. So at last I took my wife snap. Fortunately it came out well. The earthy colors in the background gave importance to the portrait; I am really enjoying the small format.

Standing in front of a boutique I noticed an impatient looking young man approach an attractive woman “would you mind talking to me for a few minutes?” he asked her “why?” she countered suspiciously.”my wife has been in this shop for a long time” the man explained “But I  know she’ll come out if she see me talking to you”  -E.C.Forbes Jr.

Just  jooooooooking.

Year 2012

Medium-Oil on canvas board

Size-8X8 inches








Medium-Oil on canvas board

Size-8×8 inches


It’s good to be back…This is portrait of my colleague, Meenakshi madam. I took the picture with low resolution camera so picture looks bit blur. Dazzling highlights and dark tones gives fresh feeling; wish to do few portraits with Goggles