Hmm …was waiting for somebody who can be model …for my theme. So at last I took my wife snap. Fortunately it came out well. The earthy colors in the background gave importance to the portrait; I am really enjoying the small format.

Standing in front of a boutique I noticed an impatient looking young man approach an attractive woman “would you mind talking to me for a few minutes?” he asked her “why?” she countered suspiciously.”my wife has been in this shop for a long time” the man explained “But I  know she’ll come out if she see me talking to you”  -E.C.Forbes Jr.

Just  jooooooooking.

Year 2012

Medium-Oil on canvas board

Size-8X8 inches






2 thoughts on “Nagini

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi vishu
    killing work of your small format keep doing this i think you have excelled in small format the portrait of your wife is very good

  2. Salvatore says:

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