Life of pi


It’s a nice story that goes around a boy, tiger and a boat. The tragic sinking of ship makes the boy life miserable .He lost his family, and the only survivor from the accident named pi.Pi hyena, a zebra, a female orang-utan and 450-pound royal Bengal tiger on one boat it’s all about survivalism.

Even I went to the movie which is 3d with my family my son liked Mr Parker the tiger.

Somehow l like the book a really makes you feel like  on the boat I like the way the writer sewed each scene is so real.

The Author is Yann Martel

you can buy the book from flipkart


4 thoughts on “Life of pi

  1. Matt Dalton says:

    I loved this book and it wasn’t until afterwards that I gave any thought to the theory that the animals were really people. Very, very clever book.

  2. gopal says:

    Thanks Visweswar, we’re going today

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