Vote of Thanks

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HI, thanks for all who inspired and motivated me to go ahead to  do  this solo exhibition. I am most grateful to my parents, dad Padmanabhaiah and mom vijayalakshmi . They have always loved me and supported my every choice. As I know, they are the happiest and the most proud when seeing their son gets this exposure as an artist, I dedicate this show  to them. I’m also thankful for the great support and encouragement that has given by my brother’s Venugopal and Madhusudan along with their families.

People say being a middle class man after marriage it will be a typical task to continue a profession like this. But my wife has supported me in such a way that i never felt like that. So I also dedicate and present this show as unforgettable gift to her, for our Marriage Anniversary which is on (22-02-2015).

I am gratified to the unexpected Chief Guest Mr. Gustav J  Gropp (Eminent Educationalist and Principle of Oakridge International School, Newton campus, Hyderabad) who inaugurated the exhibition and made the evening memorable moment in my life.

I am thankful to Avani Rao Gandra, who is a Art critic and historian, accepted to provide the space without having second opinion.

Last but not least. I should say thanks to my friend Mr Jinson Joseph Varkey who wrote his insight on my works for my catalogue and thanks to  Nandesh who taken care of displaying works in the gallery.

I am joyful to be blessed by the God.


3 thoughts on “Vote of Thanks

  1. venuacs says:

    Dude, guess you forgot to thank your own conscience and commitment. Keep walking…………………………

  2. This is quite and accomplishment! Congratulations!

  3. Robin King says:

    How wonderful! Beautiful work…Congratulations!!!

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