How do you select your subject to paint?

Basically I am from Fine arts background so I would always like to paint still life, landscape and portrait. When it comes to picking the subject I would mostly go with photographic reference for landscapes or streetscapes or sometimes I randomly select from my photo album folder and interesting part is I search nook and corner of my house to find an object to paint lively .After all art is something that reflects personal life.

Which medium would you like to paint with?

I like to paint with Oil on canvas board or on gesso board. I do prepare the gesso board myself so that it gives a smooth surface which actually feels comfortable to apply bold strokes. It suits my temperament.

I will mix 1 part of linseed oil with ½ part of turpentine oil.

What is your palette?

Titanium white, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, scarlet Red, Crimson red, Burnt sienna, sap green, Prussian blue, cobalt blue and ultramarine blue.

Do you sell your paintings?

Yes, of course I sell my paintings through local art galleries in Hyderabad and I am searching out the possibilities through online. If anybody willing to buy they can contact me on this e-mail visumfa@gmail.com. Or click this button “Contact”.

Do you frame your painting?

Yes I relay on the local frame shop. But depends on the painting as mine is small format, if it is on the canvas cloth I would go with glass frame along with white frame stick around I/2 inch and If it is on canvas board or gesso board I would go with the 2 inch frame stick as border.

If I buy your painting where can I place it?

It is an interesting question. Yes it depends on individual like few go with colour theme or few go with images that are there on the Canvas. For example if it is kitchen you can go with still life objects that are related to environment like cups, plates, saucers or spoons For dining room you may go with objects like fruits or glass bottles and when it comes to reading room you can select something like pen stand, books, or stacked books in shelves and sometimes landscapes may be appropriate for living room.

I suggest you to judge by yourself how a panting does look aesthetically good on your walls.

Choice of the eye level?

It is sensible for the beginner to choose an eye level either straight on or just above; in other words, if the composition of still life group is set up at the table height around 3 feet, you either stand or sit to paint but If you set the group up on the floor, although visually exciting, you will create drawing problems, such as foreshortening, which at this step are best to avoid.

Arranging and lighting your objects?

When arranging your composition you need to consider shape, not just the shapes of individual elements but the shape of the spaces in between them. These are called negative shapes. They are often ignored by the beginners, although they are just as significant as the object themselves.


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