large paintings

Concept of “pillow”

For experiencing the stability which you have in sleep, the thoughts are the only obstruction.
For attaining that stable state, if you can control at least a single thought, at least for a moment, then it will take you miles ahead in your goal of remaining with that power.—- Sri Ramana Maharshi. 

                The concept of Pillow took birth from the idea of Sleep which I feel the   state of NIRVANA. Divya is a character that goes around the pillow, The Sleep. 

         Painting Titled “Divya and the Golden rope “is done in oil. Here Divya slept after reading the book “The golden rope” the novel goes around lives of two women. Here the book reflects “life”… After life every human being should go to deep sleep.


  Medium-Oil on canvas 
  Size-24X 36 inches
  Title-Divya and the golden rope

Just as a bird which flies up in the sky at the dawn of the day and roams about here and there in the high regions in search of food throughout the day, takes complete rest in its own nest on the tree at night, so also the Jiva or the individual soul after having wandered in the dense forest of sense-objects all day long, gets into its abode called the Karana Sarira and enjoys the bliss of Sushupti or deep sleep.

The few moments before we went enter to sleep or we come out from sleep are very important for meditation and these moments are period of transformation when some one can enter or slip into another dimension of consciousness.


  Medium-Oil on canvas 
  Size-24X 36 inches
  Title-My pillow-2

Without good sleep, one cannot enjoy perfect health. Sleep refreshes and tones the brain and nerves. Sleep is a balm that soothes the tired nerves. It energies and vivifies the body, the nerves, the brain and the mind.

The mind and body require relaxation after the lapse of a particular time or after every series of actions done by the physical and mental bodies.



  Medium-Oil on canvas 
  Size-36X 48 inches
  Title-IT’s not just pillow

The sleeping man comes to the dream state, then to the semiconscious state of neither waking nor dreaming before he actually comes to the plane of waking consciousness. Man gets Tandra and Alasya for a long time at night. Dreams also cause disturbance to sound sleep. That is the reason why a man is not able to enjoy good, refreshing sleep to his entire satisfaction. The time of deep sleep is very little. One hour of sound sleep can refresh a man better than six hours of sleep interrupted by dreams, Tandra and Alasya.



  Medium-Oil on canvas 
  Size-24X 36 inches
  Title-Divya in deep sleep.



3 thoughts on “large paintings

  1. yaseen hussain dastageer says:

    Very good paintings, the folds of pillows is very natural!

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