scarlet and yellow

photo 5

Hi friends, after long time I am blogging, its time to work after the solo show. Yesterday I have got the flat brush set of  Daler-Rowney  Filbert,Round,FlatPaint Brush set and Lefranc & Bourgeois Louvre Wood palette which was ordered from Flipkart.

Hair of the brushes is hard and rough, it works to put thick pigment strokes on the gesso board. Another thing is I always like to use long brushes they are comfortable to hold.

I have ordered for wooden pallet, wood is very light weight comfortable to hold. Generally I use glass as palette, but I just wanted to give a try.


Medium-Oil on gesso board

Size-6X6 inches

Title- scarlet and  yellow

brushes-1 photo 1 photo 3


At Junction

At junction

It was early in the morning near Masab Tank, It’s a chaurastha (Four road junction) people walk here and there in busy schedule. Save me from hot sun, at junction a lady was crossing the road, my camera caught the shot. Painting looks little hazy.




Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size-6X6 inches

Title- At Junction

Un-identical twins


This is a portrait of twins, sons of my brother. They are non-identical; Painted in oil with layer by layer took couple of months to finish this. I felt little difficulty when I am doing the eyes with faded sun glasses.

The dazzling sun on the portraits captured well. I like it.


Medium-Oil on canvas

Size-24X36 inches

Title- Un-identical twins




This is another image photo that I captured. I used warm colours like orange yellow and red. Simple pattern on the dress looks attractive. This is an unusual posture; she is watching t.v. Pose of body speaks a lot.



Medium-Oil on gesso board

Size-6X6 inches

Title- Viewing