Mount Kailash

“Mount Kailash” painting made in 2016.The painting connects with the Mount kailash as a symbolic representation of Shiva “God of Destroyer”. It’s a contradictory statement, how god can be a destroyer or is destroyer called as god. But as our life is surrounded by myth, stories and real time experiences how does we or at least wise person can understand this. I can interpret it in this way that killing of ignorance or “Maya” itself is something like transforming our self into “Shiva” form. So ultimately we will become “shiva” in the journey of knowing self. A knower is Shiva.


Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size-24X24 inches

Title-Mount Kailash



Pink Doll

pink doll

 “Pink Doll” Titled painting fetched “Pv Narasimha rao” award in 77th All India Art Exhibition-2018 of Hyderabad Art Society. I sincerely show my gratitude to Hyderabad Art Society president Mr Ramana Reddy garu, Honorable Secretary Mr Nagesh Goud garu and all the Society members. I am thankful to the panel Judges who selected me to this prestigious award.

This award makes me encouraged, motivated and …..and much to say but less words.


Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size-12X12 inches

Title-Pink Doll

Status-Not Available

The Golden Fish


“The golden fish” titled painting made in 2016. The whole painting look like fragmentation of images like kettles, flowers, portraits, Mushrooms and many other forms can be seen. The basic idea of making a grid is to say that how different we are from each living and non living things  but we together exist.

The flower vase in the middle is emphasized and intricate detailing given. It gives multi dimension of thoughts to the viewer to relate to each other.


Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size-24X24 inches

Title-The Golden Fish

Status-Not Available

Want to have Art fun for this weekend.

Digital Mailer

Here is the Invitation
Friday :  22nd  March,2013, Starts at 4:30 P.M.
Exhibition will be on view till 28th  March,2013,11:A.M to 7 P.M

Do  you want to have Art for this weekend then you are  invited to the show of artworks of Professional artists from  Hyderabad.


Nehru Art Gallery
College of fine arts,
 J.N.A&F.A university,Masab tank Hyderabad.
Curator: Raghava Chary Kamsali            

“Art 16 Hyderabad”

Participating Artists

Anjani Reddy ,                           Shiva kumar Gadiga
 Krishna Reddy M                     Satish Dawat
 Mallesham Gurram                Simhachalam Dollu
 Murali Trigulla                         Sridhar Kulakarni
 Narendra chary V                   Srikanth Barupati
 Priti Samyukta                          Srinivas Reddy B
Raghava Chary Kamsali        Venkateshwarulu Jageti
Rohini Reddy  B                          Visweswara Rao Brahmanapalli