Grey swan

There is a belief about swan in Indian. It can differentiate water and milk. It also plays major role in Indian spiritual knowledge. Enlightened one distinguish this world like swan.


Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size-36 X 36 inches

Title- Grey Swan

Status- Not Available


The Red Vase

How good it looks when we see diverse kinds of tonal variations. This particular painting shows executes warm colour tone. Have pleasure looking at it.


Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size-24 X 24 inches

Title- Red Vase

Status- Available

The Golden Fish


“The golden fish” titled painting made in 2016. The whole painting look like fragmentation of images like kettles, flowers, portraits, Mushrooms and many other forms can be seen. The basic idea of making a grid is to say that how different we are from each living and non living things  but we together exist.

The flower vase in the middle is emphasized and intricate detailing given. It gives multi dimension of thoughts to the viewer to relate to each other.


Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size-24X24 inches

Title-The Golden Fish

Status-Not Available

Ken Spill man

Ken Spill man

I got a chance to paint portrait of Mr Ken Spill Man who is Australian writer based in Perth, during his recent his visit to Oakridge International School Newton campus. The library department gifted this painting to him and now it’s in his collection. This is my last post in this month.

Title- Ken Spill Man

Size-8X8 inches

Medium-Oil on canvas board


Click me

Click me

Sunday afternoon in swimming pool.

Title- Click me                                                                                                                                                                           Size-8X8 inches                                                                                                                                                                 Medium-Oil on canvas                                                                                                                                                             Year-2015